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Our courses are designed to help out clients avoid lawsuits

Fact #1: 65% of plaintiff verdicts exceeded $100,000 in 2014.

Fact #2: In this current economic climate job discrimination cases are rapidly rising.

Fact #3: One hour of online training could save you and your company thousands of dollars in legal fees!

Online training courses to protect you and your company from devastating lawsuits

Courses are 60 minutes and includes quizzes, test and are fully customizable. A certificate of completion can be downloaded upon successful completion of the course.

Workplace Conduct Bundle

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Workplace Sexual Harassment

Workplace sexual harassment can have a very negative impact on an organization's work environment. Managers and supervisors have a responsibility to both their employees and their company to know their role in preventing and responding to sexual harassment. This includes knowing the laws, guidelines, policies, and resources for correcting, preventing, and investigating sexual harassment complaints. This one-hour course can help your company demonstrate its commitment to a fair and responsible organizational environment which is free from workplace sexual harassment.

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Workplace Discrimination

Workplace discrimination training will teach employees and their supervisors how to identify, avoid and report discrimination in the workplace. This helps to create a more inclusive and diverse workforce while protecting your organization from costly, and potentially devastating, employee discrimination claims.Preventing Employment Discrimination training teaches all employees the legal concepts and consequences of discrimination in language that is simple and easy to understand, using relatable, everyday scenarios.

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Workplace Conflict Management

There is no single individual, organization, or business that hasn't come across some type of set back, misunderstanding, or disagreement at one time or another. But whereas conflicts are common to all, the way that we handle these conflicts is radically different from place to place and person to person.In the business world, those who learn to develop creative solutions to sophisticated conflicts are the ones who achieved long-lasting access.

Diversity Enterprises online training course Workplace conflict management provides you with practical strategies and skills to help you resolve interpersonal conflicts at the workplace, and helps you change your attitude and behavior so you can minimize conflicts altogether.

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Workplace Cultural Sensitivity

Over the next 15 years, the African-American, Hispanic, and Asian-American ethnic groups will expand at a rate six-fold higher than non-ethnic populations. World Bank data from 2004 indicates that if ethnic populations in the United States were to create their own nation, it would result in one of the globe's leading economies.

Alack of sensitivity to these differences can erode morale and detrimentally impact productivity. Cultural sensitivity encompasses many facets of work life, including meetings, social gatherings, negotiations and correspondence. The benefits of cultural sensitivity training may include higher employee retention rates, reduced harassment incidences and discrimination lawsuits, and a more tolerant workforce that demonstrates increased respect for self and others.

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Cyber Bullying

Researchers are increasingly finding Bullying and Cyber-intimidation are issues that dramatically affect schools, youth programs and events, Corporate America and society as a whole. Diversity Enterprises offers a new online course that effectively addresses these vital social issues.

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